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Satin Luxe Qayla 2.0 in Blonde Gold

Satin Luxe Qayla 2.0 in Blonde Gold

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A wide range of Qayla colours to choose from! Just the ideal shawl you need for occasions.

Our Qayla in Satin Luxe Collection is crafted out of satin luxe material and has a matte underlining, making it easy for the shawl to stay in place the entire day. The sheen on the fabric creates an elegant and luxurious look and along with its sewing finish, shaping it around any face shape becomes much more convenient. The Qayla in Satin Luxe 2.0 Series features a smoother material and topped off with a golden floral shawl at a corner.

Measurement: 190 by 75cm
Material: Satin Luxe

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