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MAYAA Ribbed Jersey in Fresh Mint

MAYAA Ribbed Jersey in Fresh Mint

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A wide variety of colours, ranging from neutrals to pastels to even bold ones, for an ideal match to your every day outfits. This is the fuss-free shawl that will indefinitely be worn on repeat. 

MAYAA Ribbed Shawl in Premium Series is crafted out of high quality ribbed jersey fabric with a luxurious stretch and adorned with Maqayla’s signature gold metal tag. It creates beautiful drapes that flow effortlessly when styled. The fabric is soft, stretchy and essentially wrinkle-free, making it an ironless staple in your wardrobe. Stitched meticulously along the hem with a stretch jersey finish, shaping around the face area has never been easier. Above all that, it’s fully opaque even for the fairest shade, ultra comfortable and gentle to the skin.

Measurement: 185 by 70cm
Material: Premium Ribbed Jersey

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