Al Rawda Classic Prayer Mats (Twin Set)

Al Rawda Classic Prayer Mats (Twin Set)

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Made by the hands of Al-Madinah people living close to the Prophet's Mosque. Inspired by the beauty of the land of Al Rawdah and Al Haram Al Sharif. There is so much we miss about the beautiful land of Medina. The serenity of the place, the proximity to Prophet Muhammad pbuh, how blissful it was to be in the blessed area of Rawdah. As you all know, praying in Rawdah is equivalent to praying in heaven. Just being able to step foot in the place already brought so much tears to my eyes and warmth to our hearts.
As we recollect our fond memories on Rawdah, Maqayla is pleased and honoured to be working closely with an established company from Madinah itself to bring you these prayer mats. May they serve as a beautiful memory of the beautiful land of Madinah, InsyaAllah.
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